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My Latest Book

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"This wonderful book dedicates a poem to some of the many iconic species found in the Galápagos Islands. What is remarkable about each of these poems is that it quite nicely captures the essence of each species in a few words and – at least for those of us who have been here – immediately gives you a fantastic visual impression of the animal’s behavior. And for those who have not had the fortune of visiting, this book may make that idea all the more enticing."
–Rakan A. Zahawi, Executive Director, Charles Darwin Foundation (which operates the Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz Island)


"The Galápagos Islands elicit many feelings: awe, respect, curiosity, understanding among them. Numerous authors have published their writings about this natural wonderland — ranging from science to fiction in subject, and from stodgy to enlightening in style. Almost without exception, these publications (mine included) have been centred around scholarly Darwinian thinking. So it comes as a pleasant surprise to see them depicted here in John and Andrew’s Galápagos through a very different prism: poetry and photography as the traveller sees them."
–Tui De Roy, award-winning nature and wildlife photographer, naturalist, author of thirteen books on the Galápagos Islands


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