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Ars Poetica 2020 Bainbridge Island

Honored to have a poem chosen by Kitsap County photographer Steve Hannuksela to accompany his photograph in the Bainbridge Island Photo Club Ars Poetica 2020 Exhibition.

A few copies of the lovely broadside edition of the poem, designed and printed by the North Press of Port Townsend, are available. Click the"Broadsides" tab above.

“Brainstorming in a Think Tank”

Photographer: Steve Hannuksela

Poet: John Delaney

Brainstorming in a Think Tank

Through the waving fronds of kelp,

Eleanora clung to the glass

of the shore aquarium

with her tight-lipped suction cups.

Two of her eight arms

meandered off to lave

the rough surface of a rock

and tried to gently hug it,

but curled themselves back.

Then she poured herself

in a slinky wave

over the barnacled ledge

of an abandoned den,

taking everything in

with her, pooling,

collecting her thoughts

from her nine brains,

while her three hearts kept

pumping yes, maybe, no,

when, out of the blue,

she changed color. Ooh!

by John Delaney

Why I chose this poem:

Underwater Photographer, Steve Hannuksela

The poem talks so fondly about Eleanora the Octopus and

it is how I feel each time I see one. The poem also

describes my encounter with this giant pacific

octopus. When I came across it, it started to meander off

along the rough surface of a rock and then stopped. It

seemed to think yes, maybe, no, while I slowly took

pictures of it. The photo was taken at Rockaway Beach Park on

Bainbridge Island in 85 feet of water.

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